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Zeus was a Spanish bicycle manufacturer active in the 1970s and 1980s that specialized in the production of high-quality racing bicycles. The company had a strong reputation in the cycling world and was known for its innovative technologies and high-quality frames. Zeus racing bicycles were typically made with frames made of steel or aluminum. In the 1970s, steel frames were very common and were valued for their durability and comfort. In the 1980s, they also started using aluminum frames, which were lighter and stiffer. Like many high-quality bicycle manufacturers, Zeus made their racing bicycles using intricate handcrafting. This resulted in high manufacturing quality and precision. Although Zeus is no longer active, their racing bicycles still hold some value among collectors and cycling enthusiasts and are appreciated for their classic design and high quality.
The Zeus 2000 was produced in the late 1970s and 1980s and was a high-end road bike known for its quality, technology and attractive design. Many professional cyclists rode Zeus 2000 road bikes in the 1980s and achieved considerable success. This helped to cement the brand's reputation. The Zeus 2000 road bike is now a sought-after collector's item and well-preserved models from this era often have some value on the second-hand market.
Zeus 2000 components were often used in complete groupsets or as individual components on road bikes and bicycles. They are still popular with collectors and enthusiasts today, as they are seen as high-quality and sought-after parts from a time when Spanish manufacturers such as Zeus played a significant role in the cycling world. As you can certainly see upon closer inspection, the ZEUS components are visually very similar to those of Campagnolo. However, some of them were lighter than those of the Italian luxury smiths.


Frame height 55,5 cm (c-t)
Top Tube 55 cm (c-t)
Head Tube 12 cm
Standover 81 cm


Gear 2x6 Zeus Criterium
Gear Shifter Zeus Criterium
Derailleur Zeus Criterium
Breaks Zeus Criterium
Crank Zeus
Rim Mavic Championnat du Monde Professionelle
Seatpost Zeus
Stem silber
Saddle Zeus
Hubs Zeus


Brand Zeus
Model 2000
Extras Zeus Pedale
Condition restauriert, geprüft & aufbereitet
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