Tommasini Diamante #3

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Tommasini is a traditional company from Tuscany, Italy, which has been producing very high-quality and exceptional racing bikes since 1948. The founder, Irio Tommasini, was a successful racing driver in his day and began to build frames for racing bikes by hand after the Second World War. Even then, the master craftsman's craftsmanship was so highly valued for its workmanship and geometry that the company was able to expand in the 1970s. Even today, the company still has a large product line that both professionals and amateurs rely on. Above all, the Tommasini frames are evidence of incredible quality, which are tested through strict tests and have proven themselves on the market for generations.
A Tommasini Diamante frame is not only special because of the often chosen, dazzling colors, but also because of the Multishape Columbus tubes. It is something like the masterpiece of the Tuscan forge. The lugs alone are an expression of high quality and beautiful aesthetics. Paired with tubes that are perfectly aligned and shaped for the respective load, this racing bike is an absolute collector's item.
This group from Campagnolo is also a myth in itself. After Tullio Campagnolo died in 1983 and the whole world was waiting to see what the company would release next, they came around the corner with this legendary group. At first glance, the C-Record was very controversial because on the one hand it was the heaviest rear derailleur (211g) in a long time and on the other hand it did not use titanium or anything similar. However, the design boasted a high level of aerodynamic flexibility and became an absolute cult object, with which several victories in the Tour de France were achieved.


Frame height 58,5 cm (c-t)
Top Tube 57 cm (c-t)
Head Tube 16,5 cm
Standover 83 cm


Gear 2x6 Campagnolo C Record
Gear Shifter Campagnolo C Record
Derailleur Campagnolo C Record
Breaks Campagnolo Delta
Crank Campagnolo C Record
Rim Campagnolo Shamal
Seatpost Campagnolo C Record
Stem 3ttt
Saddle Cinelli
Hubs Campagnolo C Record


Brand Tomassini
Model Diamante
Extras Campagnolo Pedale, Campagnolo Flasche
Condition konserviert, geprüft & aufbereitet
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