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SOMEC (Società Meccanica) was founded in 1973 in Conselice, near Ravenna, by the mechanics Oliviero Gallegati, Pierino Scarponi and Giuliano Montanari. At the beginning, the workshop concentrated on making frames for professional use only and selling them to customers in the area. However, word quickly spread that the craftsmanship of this forge was of very high quality, which is why the first international trade fairs led to sales abroad. The varnishing and pantographs were also very important to Somec, which is why the talented frame painter Mario Marini personally painted each individual frame between the 70s and 90s, making them unique.
Another sign of this beauty of design is the Somec logo. It has not just one, but two symbols to identify its brand: the tulip and the prancing horse. The tulip as a symbol of elegance and color and the prancing horse as the symbol of the famous aviator Francesco Baracca (1888-1918), who had it painted on the fuselage of his fighter plane. The horse differs only slightly from the horse of the famous Ferrari brand. The similarity is striking, since it is actually the same horse, but the tail points in a different direction.
While the Campagnolo Record from 1963 was a bitter disappointment for many racing drivers, the Campagnolo Nuovo Record group and especially the rear derailleur were groundbreaking. For over 16 years, this group was the non-plus-ultra in competitive racing and drove one racing driver after another to victory. Its strengths include its lightness, very stable construction and good workmanship. The group's front derailleur in particular occupies an important place in cultural history. Since then, it was no longer just a bicycle component, but was suddenly seen as a piece of jewelry, which was an absolute luxury product due to its enormous price.


Frame height 62 cm (c-c)
Top Tube 59 cm (c-t)
Head Tube 19 cm
Standover 86 cm


Gear 2x6 Campagnolo Nuovo Record Pat.80
Gear Shifter Campagnolo Nuovo Record
Derailleur Campagnolo Record
Breaks Campagnolo Nuovo Record
Crank Campagnolo Record
Rim Weinmann
Seatpost Campagnolo Nuovo Record
Stem 3ttt
Saddle weiß
Hubs Campagnolo Record


Brand Somec
Model Professionale
Extras Campagnolo Pedale, christophe Körbe
Condition konserviert, geprüft & aufbereitet
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