Peugeot PX10 #2

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Peugeot Cycles, an offshoot of the renowned French car manufacturer, is much more than just a bicycle brand - it is an icon in the world of cycling. With a fascinating history dating back to the late 19th century, Peugeot has established a firm place in cycling culture. Peugeot's bicycles are characterised by their timeless elegance and French sophistication. Each model is an embodiment of style and functionality, from the perfectly formed silhouette to the advanced technologies beneath the surface. The versatility of Peugeot's range is impressive. From sleek road bikes to robust city bikes and advanced electric bikes, Peugeot covers a wide range of bike types to suit riders' different needs and preferences.
The Peugeot PX10 is not just a bike, it is a legend on two wheels that represents the glory days of cycling. Since its launch, this model has delighted cycling enthusiasts worldwide and remains a timeless symbol of elegance and excellence. The PX10 embodies the epitome of craftsmanship, with a frame constructed from Reynolds steel tubing that is not only lightweight but also remarkably robust. The signature Manganese fork not only gives the bike an iconic look, but also ensures a smooth ride, even on demanding roads. In the world of cycling, the Peugeot PX10 has an impressive competition history. From the peaks of the Tour de France to racetracks around the world, this bike has proven its capabilities and earned a place as a timeless symbol of cycling.
Simplex gearshifts have a fascinating history in the world of cycling. Developed by French company Simplex, these gearshift systems peaked in the 1950s to 1970s and became a staple in professional cycling. Simplex was known for its innovative approach to bicycle gearshifting. One of its standout features was the use of aluminium alloys, resulting in lightweight yet robust components. This focus on weight saving was particularly important for racers looking for every advantage on the road. Simplex also pioneered the introduction of spring-loaded rear derailleurs, which made gear changing easier. This technology was a significant innovation in the early days of bicycle gearshifts and influenced the development of modern gearshifting systems.


Frame height 59,5 cm (c-t)
Top Tube 57,5 cm (c-t)
Head Tube 16,5 cm
Standover 84 cm


Gear 2x5 Simplex
Gear Shifter Simplex
Derailleur Simplex
Breaks Mafac Competition
Crank Stronglight
Rim Competition
Seatpost Simplex
Stem Peugeot
Saddle Ideale
Hubs Maillard 700


Brand Peugeot
Model PX10
Extras Pedale
Condition konserviert, geprüft & aufbereitet
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