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Monark is a renowned Swedish bicycle brand with a foundation in 1908. Originally started as a motorcycle manufacturer, the company has specialized in the production of high-quality bicycles. With a wide range of models including city bikes, mountain bikes and e-bikes, Monark offers versatile options for various cycling needs. The brand is known for its quality, durability and innovation and has a firm place in the Swedish bicycle market. Their electric bikes in particular combine the latest technology with Monark's traditional know-how. As a valued brand, Monark has a strong influence on cycling culture in Sweden, attracting both recreational and demanding cyclists.
Reynolds 531 is a range of high quality bicycle frame tubing manufactured by British company Reynolds Technology. Reynolds 531 tubing was traditionally made from alloy steel. The tubes were butted, meaning they were thinner at the ends than in the middle to save weight without compromising strength. They have been manufactured since the 1930s and have been used by many renowned frame builders worldwide. Reynolds 531 frames were very popular with racing cyclists due to their balanced characteristics, including a good mix of stiffness and comfort.
While the Campagnolo Record from 1963 was a bitter disappointment for many racing drivers, the Campagnolo Nuovo Record group and especially the rear derailleur were groundbreaking. For over 16 years, this group was the non-plus-ultra in competitive racing and drove one racing driver after another to victory. Its strengths include its lightness, very stable construction and good workmanship. The group's front derailleur in particular occupies an important place in cultural history. Since then, it was no longer just a bicycle component, but was suddenly seen as a piece of jewelry, which was an absolute luxury product due to its enormous price.


Rahmenhöhe 53,5 cm (c-t)
Top Tube 55 cm (c-t)
Head Tube 9,5 cm
Standover 78,5 cm


Schaltung 2x5 Campagnolo Nuovo Record Pat. 72
Schalthebel Campagnolo Record
Umwerfer Campagnolo Nuovo Record
Bremsen Mafac Jural Forge
Kurbel Campagnolo Nuovo Record
Felgen Mavic Monthilery Pro
Sattelstütze original
Vorbau 3ttt
Sattel Ideale
Naben Campagnolo Record Hochflansch


Marke Monark
Modell Reynolds 531
Extras Pedale , 2x Flaschenhalter
Zustand konserviert, geprüft & aufbereitet
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