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Chesini is an Italian bicycle manufacturer that has been producing high-quality road bikes since the 1920s. The company was founded by Gelmino Chesini, who was a professional cyclist and an expert frame builder. Chesini opened his own workshop in Verona, Italy and began building custom frames for a small group of elite cyclists. Over the years, Chesini has produced a wide range of road bikes, from classic steel frames to advanced carbon fiber models. The company has also produced track bikes, cyclocross bikes, and time trial bikes, all of which are highly regarded for their quality and performance.
The Campagnolo Nuovo Gran Sport groupset was a renowned bicycle component groupset produced by the Italian company Campagnolo in the 1970s and 1980s. It was an evolution of the previous Gran Sport groupset and was designed for racing bicycles. The Nuovo Gran Sport groupset's gear shifts were smooth and precise, and they allowed riders to shift smoothly between gears. The brakes offered reliable and powerful deceleration, which was especially important on descents and in demanding situations. Although no longer in production, the Nuovo Gran Sport groupset is still highly prized by cycling enthusiasts and collectors for its nostalgic value and quality. It is a symbol of the golden era of racing cycling and represents the high quality craftsmanship and design for which Campagnolo is known.


Rahmenhöhe 50 cm (c-t)
Top Tube 55 cm (c-t)
Head Tube 15 cm
Standover - cm


Schaltung 2x6 Campagnolo Nuovo GranSport
Schalthebel Campagnolo Record
Umwerfer Campagnolo Nuovo GranSport
Bremsen Universal Mod. 125
Kurbel Ofmega
Felgen NISI
Sattelstütze Rino
Vorbau 3ttt
Sattel Sirocco Supreme
Naben Campagnolo Nuovo GranSport


Marke Chesini
Modell Special
Extras Pedale inklusive, Chesini Luftpumpe
Zustand komplett konserviert, geprüft & aufbereitet
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