Bianchi Specialissima C

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Edoardo Bianchi is arguably one of the most important figures in the world of cycling. Born in 1865 in the heart of Milan, he grew up in an orphanage in the city center, where he enjoyed a wonderful education and, incredibly, was introduced to mechanical engineering. Shortly before his 20th birthday in 1885, Edoardo went into business for himself and opened his own workshop. His motto was simple and clear: use the best components and offer the best possible product, which is why you can be sure that old Bianchi bicycles are of the highest quality. Everyone has seen the characteristic blue-green hue that is synonymous with Bianchi bicycles. The correct name for this color is Celeste. This word translated from Italian into English means "heavenly" or "blue". Many brands on the market try to have instantly recognizable logos, but nothing attracts as much attention as the striking Celeste color.
In Bianchi's 130-year history, the Specialissima model was the pinnacle of the Italian legend's road bikes. "Specialissima" was introduced in the early 1960s as the successor to the famous "Campione del mondo" model and is still Bianchi's top model today. Bianchi developed many different offshoots such as the Specialissima X3 and X4, Specialissima Professionale, Specialissima Barcelona, ​​Specialissima, Specialissima Super Leggera and many more...
This group from Campagnolo is also a myth in itself. After Tullio Campagnolo died in 1983 and the whole world was waiting to see what the company would release next, they came around the corner with this legendary group. At first glance, the C-Record was very controversial because on the one hand it was the heaviest rear derailleur (211g) in a long time and on the other hand it did not use titanium or anything similar. However, the design boasted a high level of aerodynamic flexibility and became an absolute cult object, with which several victories in the Tour de France were achieved.


Rahmenhöhe 54 cm (c-t)
Top Tube 53 cm (c-t)
Head Tube 12 cm
Standover 79,5 cm


Schaltung 2x7 Campagnolo C Record
Schalthebel Campagnolo C Record
Umwerfer Campagnolo C Record
Bremsen Campagnolo Delta
Kurbel Campagnolo C Record
Felgen Mavic GP4
Sattelstütze Campagnolo C Record
Vorbau 3ttt Bianchi Panto
Sattel Selle Italia turbo Bianchi
Naben Campagnolo C Record


Marke Bianchi
Modell Specialissima C
Extras Campagnolo Pedale inklusive, Bianchi Silca Impero
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